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Students To Attend Six Days of School: CBSE

As what will come as a big changing point in the schedules of teachers, schools and students, CBSE has decided to increase the number of school days from five to six. Next academic session onwards, students need to attend school on Saturdays as well, once they reach the secondary and senior secondary divisions. The CBSE recently announced the same on its official website.

Some people are welcoming the idea, mentioning how it would help balance the haphazard schedules of working days because of various strikes and other disruptions. This way, CBSE would probably be able to complete the required 1200 hours of teaching as well.

The amount of adjustments all the units, i.e., parents, teachers and students are the only visible shortcomings of the plan till now...

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CBSE to Organize Financial Literacy Test for Students

In a first ever of its kind initiative by the Board, CBSE is set to host a National Financial Literacy Test (NFLT), for students across India. This test is aimed at raising awareness and building a knowledge about economic concepts and throw light on the current fiscal scene in the country.

The test is to be taken by students of classes VIII and X and is being organized by CBSE in collaboration with National Institute of Securities Markets, Mumbai. It is the nodal agency for the implementation of the National Centre for Financial Education in association with the Board.

Other qualities the Board wishes to instill through this initiative are leadership, management skills as well as communication. The entire endeavor would be as a part of the CCE curriculum...

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