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CBSE to Introduce Interesting Elective Subjects Like Theatre and Legal Studies

Students who may have planned what they want to do after their school education may actually have an advantage of having studied from a range of interesting and unconventional subjects in CBSE schools. The Board plans to introduce a range of exciting vocational subjects to the curriculum of classes 11 and 12.

The new subjects that have been introduced into the curriculum are theatre, gender studies and legal studies. Apart from these, there are other elective subjects like NCC, human rights and another study that covers various disciplines, known as “Knowledge Traditions and Practices in India”. For junior classes, i.e., the middle school, the list of elective subjects introduced include Chinese language. Two CBSE schools are presently piloting the language course.

Students studying th...

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CBSE Introduces Pre-Examination Counselling for Students and Parents

CBSE has planned to make sure that students do not give way to the immense amount of pressure that academics usually end up giving them. The Board has come up with the novel idea to conduct counselling sessions for students. the counselling programme is for both students and parents who suffer anxiety during exam time. This three-month long outreach programme begun on the 1st of Feb and will continue till April 17.

The Board has planned several communication modes that will ensure that maximum support reaches the students. The various modes offered are online, telephonic and a special question and answer column in several newspapers where students may ask all the doubts they have about CBSE exams...

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