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Why Using NCERT Solutions Helps You Clear Doubts in Studies

The CBSE academic curriculum is designed to nurture and strengthen the analytical skills of its students. For this, the Board employs methods like continuous practice and ensuring thorough understanding of the concepts in the syllabus. One of the most successful elements used by the Board are NCERT textbooks. NCERT Textbooks are simplified and optimally designed to help all students clear their doubts and practice questions at the end as well. NCERT solutions are answers to these practice questions and usually go hand-in-hand with these questions.

 A few reasons why NCERT solutions have prove helpful for CBSE students are mentioned below:

1. NCERT Solutions for Exam Preparation

Over the years, a lot of question papers have been proof of the fact that questions are taken from the NCERT te...

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Government Sets Up Task Force For New Education Policy

The Government of India has set up a special task force to look into the planning and consultation process of the new education policy for CBSE Board. This team will consist of secretaries from the Ministry of Human Resource Development, representatives of other ministries and heads of UGC, AICTE and NCERT, etc. The aim of the task force is to ‘monitor the exhaustive consultation process, which spans over a year, and draft the policy report,’ authorities stated.

The process of consultation was launched earlier this year on the 26th of January, and the public was asked to take part in the process through the website My Government ( 23 themes were taken up and suggestions on the same were invited...

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