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Environmental Issues NCERT Solutions Biology Class 12 CBSE

Question 1

What initiatives were taken for reducing vehicular air pollution in Delhi?

Has air quality improved in Delhi?

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Question 2

Discuss briefly the following:

(a) Greenhouse gases

(b) Catalytic converter

(c) Ultraviolet B

Question 3

Discuss the causes and effects of global warming. What measures need to be taken to control global warming?

Question 4

Match the items given in column A and B:

Column A

Column B


Catalytic converter


Particulate matter


Electrostatic precipitator


Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides




High noise level




Solid wastes

Question 5

What measures, as an individual, you would take to reduce environmental pollution?

Question 6

What are the various constituents of dom...

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Biodiversity and Conservation NCERT Solutions Biology Class 12

Question 1

Name the three important components of biodiversity.

Question 2

Can you think of a situation where we deliberately want to make a species extinct? How would you justify it?

NCERT Question Solutions

Question 3

How do ecologists estimate the total number of species present in the world?

Question 4

Give three hypotheses for explaining why tropics show greatest levels of species richness.

Question 5

What is the significance of the slope of regression in a species − area relationship?

Question 6

The species diversity of plants (22 per cent) is much less than that of animals (72 per cent). What could be the explanations to how animals achieved greater diversification?

Question 7

What are the major causes of species losses in a geographical region?

Question 8

How is biodiversity important for ecosystem functi...

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