NCERT Solutions for 2018-19

Free NCERT Solutions from all NCERT Textbooks as per CBSE guidelines to help students in their day to day learning & exam preparations for classes 1 – 12. These solutions are invaluable aid to students when they need help while learning, preparing for exams or with their homework. If you find difficulties in solving questions from NCERT Books or you find it difficult to understand how to approach a problem, NCERT Solutions are available for you.

Key Features of NCERT Solutions:

  • All NCERT Solutions are Free, Simple, Accurate & Easy-to-understand.
  • Questions Answers of all Chapters for all Classes & Subjects.
  • Complete Answer for each Question in consonance with NCERT textbooks.
  • Videos & Animations to support the solutions of difficult questions.
  • Homework related NCERT Solutions to NCERT Books.
  • Extensively researched solutions created by subject matter experts.
  • Answers have been framed in lucid and easy to understand language.
  • Answers enhanced with graphs and illustrations for better comprehension of concepts.
  • Helpful for quick revisions during examination or tests.
  • These NCERT Solutions come extremely handy in exam preparations.

NCERT Solutions for All Classes & All Subjects

All the NCERT solutions are simple to understand and help you complete homework from NCERT books easily. Furthermore, these NCERT Solutions are 100% accurate and All NCERT Solutions are explained step-by-step so that you understand quickly. is exactly what you want for all your needs related to NCERT Solutions. It is recommended that you bookmark this website now and use it whenever you are looking for NCERT Solutions. Select your Class and Subject to go to List of Chapters.


NCERT Solutions for Class 12

Solutions for class 12 NCERT are the most needed study material for students wanting to score better in their boards. Free NCERT Solutions serve as a one-stop solution for clearing all your doubts or solve each and every question given in the latest and updated NCERT textbooks. Be it your comparatives, pre boards, boards or just the daily practice tests you give, these solutions will give you comprehensive answers to write in easy-to-understand language.


NCERT Solutions for Class 11

Class 11 is a crucial stage as you get introduced to many new concepts and topics. Self study is the great way to get through with these concepts. But what makes the task easier is the expert guidance you can get through NCERT Solutions. These are created by experts and written chapter-wise in easy-to-understand language for every subject keeping in mind the current CBSE pattern as well.


NCERT Solutions for Class 10

Board results play an effective role in shaping up your future prospects. These NCERT Solutions clear your concepts to the core ensuring to stay with you in the long run. These are created by experts in accordance with the CBSE curriculum. You can find 100% accurate step-by-step solutions for every question in all the latest NCERT books. Practice with these daily to perform better in boards.


NCERT Solutions for Class 9

Class 9 forms the base for Class 10, thus you need to be clear on your concepts and basics and also should know how to write perfect answers so as to score better. These solutions by our experts provide you with customized easy-to-follow answers which aid you in tests, exams and even homework in the best possible way.


NCERT Solutions for Class 8

Get simplified, on point chapter-wise solutions for every subject in accordance with the latest CBSE curriculum. The solutions customized by our experts are student friendly because of the simple, easy-to-understand language used. Use these to score better in tests and examinations or just to complete your homework.


NCERT Solutions for Class 7

These solutions would help you brush up concepts you studied in school to make them easy to remember for exams and tests. These solutions are created by experts in a simple language yet not compromising on their accuracy. Practice with them daily to stay at the top.


NCERT Solutions for Class 6

What’s better than getting a simpler version of the new concepts you get to study in class 6th? Moreover what if, all that is provided by an expert? Sounds wonderful, right? Then these solutions are exactly what you should opt for. Not only are these 100% accurate but also, are written in easy-to-understand language and arranged chapter-wise.


NCERT Solutions for Class 5

Finding it hard to solve a Math problem? Or science troubling you? The easiest way to get through all this is to get your concepts clear to the core. These customized solutions will help you write perfect answers to score better. These solutions are created by our experts in accordance with the latest CBSE pattern.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4

Practice makes a man perfect. Practice with these customized solutions daily to write perfect answers to gain more marks. These are chapter-wise solutions for all the questions in your latest NCERT books. Use them to prepare for exams or tests or just to help with the homework.


NCERT Solutions for Class 3

Get chapter-wise solutions for each and every subject written in simple, easy-to-understand language. Practice with these to get 100% accurate answers to write in exams to get to the top. Each of these student-friendly answers is customized by our experts to answer all the questions in your NCERTs.


NCERT Solutions for Class 2

Looking out for simple, easy-to-understand textbook solutions which can help you with your homework or class tests and help you score better in exams? Then these solutions would be your perfect partner. These chapter-wise solutions are written in simple language for better understanding.


NCERT Solutions for Class 1

Get perfect chapter-wise answers for all subjects in simple, easy-to-understand language. These solutions are created by our experts to provide you simplified explanations of all the questions in your latest NCERTs. Whether it is your daily homework or the monthly tests or be it examinations this would indeed be your perfect study partner, making concepts easy for you.


How Do These Solutions Help You?

Make Concepts Crystal Clear The Free NCERT solutions provided by us are structured to clearly state and explain various scientific and mathematical concepts to students. We tackle almost every concept that poses a problem for students and give them a clear understanding of the course as well.

Clear Doubts Effectively The chapter wise discussion and revision notes provided by experts help students get rid of any doubts or queries in a result-oriented manner. We make sure of the fact that the answers and guidelines are not dragged beyond necessary lengths.

Confident Examinees Once students are well-versed and comfortable with the structure of questions, provided in our learning Free NCERT Solutions module, the level of confidence with which they appear for the exams rises. This, in turn, results in better results and, of course, happy students!!

Preparation for Further Competitive Endeavors The benefiting support of these NCERT solutions does not end where school exams do. The information gained by students also helps them be well aware and know what to expect when preparing for competitive examinations taken after school.



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