NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 1 – A Tale of Two Birds

Page No 3:

Question 1:

How did the two baby birds get separated?


During a terrible thunderstorm, the two baby birds were blown away by the strong winds to the other side of the forest. Both fell at different places; as a result, they got separated.

Question 2:

Where did each of them find a home?


One of the birds found its home near a cave where a gang of robbers lived. The other found its home in a rishi’s ashram.

Question 3:

What did the first bird say to the stranger?


The first bird cried out, “Quick! Hurry up! There’s someone under the tree. Come and take his jewels and his horse. Hurry, or else he’ll slip away.”

Question 4:

What did the second bird say to him?


The second bird said to the king, “Welcome to the ashram, Sir. Please go inside and rest. The rishi will be back soon. There’s some cold water in the pot. Please make yourself comfortable.”

Question 5:

How did the rishi explain the different ways in which the birds behaved?


The rishi explained that the first bird had always heard the talk of robbers. So it imitated them and talked about robbing people. The second bird had repeated what it had always heard in the ashram. So it welcomed people to the ashram.

Question 6:

Which one of the following sums up the story best?

(i) A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

(ii) One is known by the company one keeps.

(iii) A friend in need is friend indeed.


(ii) One is known by the company one keeps.

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