NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 5 – Tansen

Page No 19:

Question 1:

Why did Swami Haridas say Tansen was ‘talented’?


Swami Haridas was once travelling through the forest with his disciples. Hidden behind a tree, Tansen scared them by roaring like a tiger. This made Swami Haridas say that Tansen was talented.

Question 2:

Why did Akbar ask Tansen to join his court?


Sometimes Tansen sang before Emperor Akbar. Akbar was very impressed by him and so he insisted that Tansen should join his court.

Question 3:

How do we know that Akbar was fond of Tansen? Give two reasons.


Tansen was a great favourite of Akbar. Akbar would call upon Tansen to sing at any time during the day or night. Quite often he would walk into Tansen’s house to hear him practice. He also gave him many presents.

Question 4:

What did the other courtiers feel about Tansen?


The other courtiers were jealous of Tansen. They declared that they would never be able to rest till Tansen was ruined.

Question 5:

(i) What happens if Raga Deepak is sung properly?

(ii) Why did Tansen’s enemies want him to sing the Raga?


(i) If Raga Deepak is sung properly, it makes the air so hot that the singer is burnt to ashes.

(ii) Tansen’s enemies wanted him to sing Raga Deepak because they knew he was a good singer and if he sang it, then he would die.

Question 6:

Why did Tansen agree to sing Raga Deepak?


Tansen agreed to sing Raga Deepak because he could not disobey the king.

Question 7:

(i) What steps did he take to save himself?

(ii) Did his plan work? How?


(i) Tansen had an idea that if someone sang Raga Megh at the same time when he was singing Raga Deepak, then it would rain and he would not get burnt. He taught his daughter Saraswati and her friend, Rupvati to sing Raga Megh. He told them to begin singing when the lamps start burning.

(ii) Yes, his plan worked. As he continued singing Raga Deepak the leaves on the trees dried up and fell. Birds fell dead due to the heat and the water in the rivers began to boil. Flames shot up out of nowhere and lighted the lamps. At once, Saraswati and Rupvati began singing Raga Megh. The sky clouded over and the rain came down. As a result, Tansen was saved.

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